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Our vision

Augmented reality is transforming our world, multiplying our possibilities and pushing the limits of what is possible today. This audacious technology removes the barrier between the real and digital worlds. You will discover an entirely new dimension where everything seems possible. Your perceptions of reality change as you can directly interact with multiple virtual elements. Your senses receive new stimulations: you can hear, feel, touch things you have never experienced before.


At this very moment, augmented reality users are conquering a new world which will impact every part of our lives. Where we live, how we move, work, communicate… Augmented reality will enrich our environment and give a new impulse to modern technologies. 


More than an association of words and pictures, you will live a unique experience. You will associate the magic and sensations you feel directly with the brand.


You are not a spectator anymore. You will take part in an amazing personal experience as an actor. You will feel, act and appropriate this experience for yourself. In this way, the product will belong to you.


Because people can experiment, you will build deeper interactions between your brand and your public. You will strenghten your relationships with an easily accessible technology.


What augmented reality proposes is to enrich your environment without weighing your content down. You will use it in every sector and for any support.

Our mission

Baku-Digital is a studio which helps you create your own augmented reality application by supporting you every step of the way. We deeply believe that we all have a role to play in the construction of this new world. We are a team of specialized augmented reality designers and we work with consultants to give you amazing strategies, products and performance.